Computer Service, Tablet Service, Laptop Service, and More

At Beats & Bytes our technicians are extensively trained to be able to diagnose and solve all kinds of computer problems. We offer reliable computer service with competitive rates, and in most cases we can have your problems solved and your computer back in your hands in 48 hours.

Some of the more common solutions we provide are:

  • PC and Tablet Repair
  • Virus/Spyware Removal
  • Reformat-Reinstall Operating System & Drivers
  • Wireless Network Installations
  • Hardware Diagnostics
  • Data Backup
  • Computer Cleaning
  • Component Upgrades
  • Parts Installation
  • Computer Assembly
  • Windows Troubleshooting (all versions)

For more information call 506 652-2274.

Laptop Accessories

Check Out Our Huge Assortment Laptop Parts and Accessories

Cash for Laptops!

Beats & Bytes Pays Top Dollar for Laptops!

Power Supplies

Beats & Bytes Carries Replacement Power Supplies for Most Laptops and Tablets

  • Laptop Accessories

  • Cash for Laptops!

  • Power Supplies

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